Our Mission

From the very beginning, we've been unwilling to compromise on quality, to cut corners, to put profits before excellence. We remain true to the time - honored traditional practices set for us generations ago: still hand - trimming our meats; still using only the finest ingredients in our products. Commitments like these have made us a leader in our industry and have made Delta Meat Deli the brand in which consumers continue to place their trust.

Our company began with the belief that consumers deserve the best quality of products available. Over the years, our company has grown. But, our standards for quality have never waved – a value passed down from one family member to the next. As a family business, we choose to be devoted to our consumers. We choose to only bring to market products that we believe in.

We pride ourselves on being master craftsmen in our industry – skilled artisans in meat and cheese preparation methods. Crafting our products is a true labour of love. We use time – honoured recipes that call for hand – trimming our meats, applying many of our spices by hand and more. We know there are easier, faster, even cheaper ways to make our products – but cutting corners doesn’t cut it for us. With Delta Meat Deli, you can trust each and every one of our products was prepared with the utmost care.

We are relentless about quality. If a product doesn’t live up to our exacting standards, it doesn’t carry the Delta Meat Deli name. Simple as that. We got here through a passion to deliver on our promise for freshness and quality and a dedication to provide consumers with products that meet their needs. Beyond products, our commitment extends to the community, actively supporting hunger relief organizations and other charitable and health affiliations.